If you reorient yourself during the year thanks to the fallback device: bravo, this courageous decision shows that you are an actor of your orientation. In order to meet this challenge, here are some tips to succeed in the challenge of your second term.

Offset Back is a referral device that allows young people who want to reorient themselves to do so without waiting for September. This fall is for students who do not like their chosen training last September and want to join a new school in February to take a course in accelerated 4 to 7 months. Students who have not integrated any post-baccalaureate training, for lack of financial means, envy or final choice can also enjoy this fallback.

This alternative is beneficial because it allows students joining the school in February or March to return in the second year next September. In the end, the error post bac orientation committed last September is canceled. After these few months of intensive catch-up, the student continues his schooling in the classical curriculum.

Learn about the school and its trainings

Schools offering second reentry (or delayed return) are more numerous. Whether business schools, management or engineering schools, post-baccalaureate courses to recruit students in the middle of the year are multiplying. Some realize their fallback in March, others in February. Take the time to learn about school and training. This is your second chance, it is precious so do not waste it by rushing into a school that does not suit you again.

Reassure your parents: “This time, it’s the right one! “

For your parents, accepting the idea that you were mistaken in your orientation after your baccalaureate is not necessarily easy to hear. So to make sure they understand the issues of this reorientation during the year, take the time to talk calmly with them and explain everything to them. Emphasize the benefits of back-to-school and continuing your education.

Highlight the fact that you were wrong last summer but that these six months have allowed you to think and refine your project. Tell them that you are now sure of yourself and that you have found the school that suits you. Take the opportunity to explain the training that seduces you and show them that you are fully informed. They will be proud to see you take your future in hand!

Visit your new school

The establishments proposing second re-entries are at your disposal. Do not hesitate to call them to ask all your questions and go to the school to immerse yourself in the place and the atmosphere. You will be welcome, do not hesitate. Take the opportunity to bring your parents with you. This will reassure them and encourage them to accept your decision to change schools during the year.

Do not feed any regret, feed your projects

You have made a courageous decision by opting for the delayed return. Realizing your mistakes is a good thing. Doing everything to repair this error as quickly as possible is all the more commendable. Bravo! So do not regret it, go ahead and feed your professional projects. The future is now reaching for you.

Work seriously and regularly

Integrating new training during the year requires a lot of seriousness and hard work. You will discuss new topics, familiarize yourself with new subjects for certain unknowns. In addition to the courses offered within the school, enrich your knowledge with parallel readings. Be curious and involved.

Capitalize on what you have learned

The six months you have just spent are not lost. Each knowledge is an answer to a question. You have necessarily learned things in your “first” training that will serve you in your curriculum. Multiply the synergies between the teachings you received during your first six months of bachelor’s and those given in your new school. Be smart!

Keep in touch with your former classmates

Change school during the year does not mean drawing a line on your past. Since September, you must have met a few people with whom you get along well. In the rest of your training, keep time to see them, drink coffee or eat lunch with them. Maintaining relationships is very important, from a personal but professional point of view. These comrades are as many future professionals in your sector who will enrich your network once graduated.

Go to others

By integrating your training in February or March, you will join a class with only a few students. In fact, the back-to-school classes have only ten or twenty students. It is therefore perfect to build relationships of proximity and complicity with other students. But beyond your back-to-school comrades, also make the effort to get closer to the students following the classical curriculum (having integrated integrated school directly in September). This is essential because next September, when you enter the second year, you will join these students.

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