Alternation is a special type of training. You spend time in class, then in business, still in class, and again in business … there is enough to go crazy! Follow our 4 tips for successful alteration training.

1) Choose the right company

The choice of your company should not be done by default. First of all, because you are going to spend one or two years, so do as much as you like in a company that suits you!

Then, she must be in agreement with your career plan. Indeed, the company where you will do your alternation will be a springboard for your professional future. It’s a solid experience that will help you find work afterwards, so focus your research on your ideal job.

If you opt for an alternation at PPA, you will have the chance to be accompanied during the construction of your professional project and the search for your host company!

2) Learn how to manage the pace between classes and the company

Switching between class periods and company periods can be very difficult in the long term. It is important to adapt quickly and manage the pace well.

Before returning to class, make sure you have done your homework or revised your classes, even if you do not have to worry about anything outside of your classroom hours.

In addition, respect the schedules of each of the two parts of your contract. Business hours are not necessarily the same as in class, so do not be fooled!

3) Do not neglect the courses or the company

The goal is to have your degree. For this, you need to ensure ongoing AND in business. Keep in mind that classes are not holidays, as the business is not a playground where you will always be excused as an apprentice. Be as serious at school as at work!

4) Be open

Do not focus on practice, forgetting the theory! Theoretical courses are just as important as the practical tasks you do in a business. So yes, the practice is much more interesting, but the theory is the basis of your job and your experience. Keep an open mind!

In addition, at PPA, the atmosphere is good: you will enjoy returning to school after your stay in business!

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