Discover schools of the web and multimedia that still accept applications in backward shifted, and integrate one of these intensive courses in February.

Many people every year want to change their orientation. It is for this reason that schools have introduced staggered returns, as of February, to allow students to reorient themselves without wasting time.

Some schools of the web and multimedia still accept applications for second term: here is a non-exhaustive list. Check with establishments for specific dates.

Second return to school web

The fallback of the #SUPDEWEB school is offered in Paris and Nice. She will train you in 4 months (from March to June), to integrate the second year of your Bachelor. You will then have to gain professional experience, by doing a 2 months internship (between June and September). The start of the second year will be in October 2019.

IESA Multimedia

This school offers you to integrate in February a Bachelor in Paris. Individual and collective work will alternate during these months of training, until the beginning of your internship in early June.

At IIM, you have the opportunity to start a staggered training, as of February 2019. This training, offered in Paris, will end in mid-July.

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